Installing and Using Linux on MacBook Air 3,1

I acquired a mint condition Macbook Air late 2010 (11.6 inch), Core 2 Duo Laptop. Immediatly when I got it I wanted to try some different Linux Distro’s as the hardware was outdated – 2gb memory 64GB SSD and Intel Core 2 Duo processor. After trying some distros I was dissapointed to learn that there is a consisting bug with different versions of nouveou – the open source driver for nvidia cards under linux.

The bug was, quoted from the Ubuntu wiki:

The default Nouveau NVIDIA GeForce 320M video drivers are extremely buggy on MacBookAir3,1 and MacBookAir3,2 and may result in a pulsating line on the right-hand side of the screen or random crashes and freezes. This will be fixed during Post-Install. If installation fails due to a crash simply start over; it will install successfully eventually.

When I got this laptop I’ve tried different distros on this machine but I decided to give up, as I thought the MacOS is doing a decent job.

MacBook Air late 2010 (macbookair3,1) 11.6 inch running IceBox Linux 17.04 (Ubuntu Based)

ניהול חשבון עו”ש בבנק הדואר – מעודכן 2017

ניהול חשבון עו”ש בבנק הדואר – מעודכן 2017

.חשבתי לנכון שהמידע הנ”ל יכול להיות מועיל לאנשים המחפשים את המידע הזה

לפני 4 שנים היה לי חוב בהוצל”פ עקב שהייה בחול לתקופה מסוימת (סיבות אישיות). החשבון בנק שלי בארץ עוקל וכשחזרתי ארצה היה לי צורך בחשבון בנק על מנת להפקיד משכורת ובעקבות זאת לסגור במהרה את החוב

הפתרון שהוצע לי כשהתחלתי לברר היכן אוכל לפתוח חשבון כשאני מוגבל בבנקים, הבנתי שניתן לפתוח בבנק הדואר חשבון (הבנתי שנכון להיום זהו לא המצב, אשמח לקבל עדכון כך שמידע זה יועיל לאנשים המחפשים מידע זה).

Microsoft Windows USB/DVD Download Tool Alternative

I needed to create a Bootable Windows 10 USB Media. There are methods to do this. Surprisngly Microsoft Windows USB/DVD Download Tool didn’t work for me. You can try downloading and use the tool which downloads an image and is suppose to create a bootable Windows 10 Recovery/Installation Media. It did complete the task succesfully but for some reason the computer I tried to boot it on did not work.

Some Tips on my Succecsful Weight Loss Diet

You can read my post about Pycgnogenol use where I shared my experience using it with my diet. Thats was only for a while, as it costs alot. Now I just follow a routine
I weighted about 150~ Kg when I started to change my eating habits and I can defiantly say that psychological switch is the most important change I did, food is not on high priority like it used to be, and I will explain about what I mean.

It started when I was on vacation aboard – I went to a lot of restaurants and food places, I ate lot, mainly high fat foot or “bypass” food like gourmet cheeseburgers which I guess the calorie intake in those foods are huge (one burger with 3 different kind of cheeses bacon and such).

Got my hands on a Macbook Air 11.6 late 2010

I’m an owner of a Macbook Retina 12″ early 2015 and got into my hands on a mint condition Macbook Air 11.6 (late) 2010 64gb.

My first thought was that it’s going to be useless as it has hardware from 7 years ago, but to my surprise It runs pretty good. The OS that it came with was Yosemite, and I’m very impressed that even with the modest hardware configuration it deals quite alright with modern tasks like browsing, watching HD video and such.

Macbook Air 11.6 late 2010 64gb

People Still Play Football Manager 2012

I find this game much lighter and runs pretty fast playing with a lot of leagues loaded. Also the game is actually still updated from the FM community which is an amazing thing, people spend a lot of their time to update transfers up to 2017/2018 season! Checking FM-Base there are two recent league updates, one where even player age is updated, check out the Transfer Updates, Custom Leagues & Editing sub forum of FM12 on FM-Base.

Razer Blade Stealth (6500u) Installing and Using Windows 7

You can read my latest post about getting a Razer Blade Stealth 2016 (6500u) and check out my experience trying Manjaro Linux on it and some more general experiences and thoughts about this Ultrabook.

While Windows 7 Is already about 8 years old (6 from SP1), I didn’t know it was so outdated, and read on various discussions online on how I should stay on Windows 10 and so on. In my opinion Windows 10 is too feature rich and even after disabling features I didn’t like how It still uses effects and felt that on a lighter OS my machine would work faster. Also the UI is a matter of taste, I like the classical UI much better. I will however say that Windows 7 in not optimized very good to work with High DPI settings like Windows 10 does. That is the reason manufacturers are not supporting Windows 7 Anymore.

Also keep in mind that the Razor Stealth Touch Pad Doesn’t work. The Driver installs OK but it still doesn’t work! Apart from that, almost everything works out of the box – but that is related to a custom image I’ve used that will be detailed in the post.

Razer Blade Stealth – Usage and Experience

So on my latest “Dump” Post I shared my experience trying Windows 10 on my Macbook 12″ Retina (early 2015 model) – in short the performance was dreadful, not a recommended experience at all. So here I found a good deal on the Razer Blade Stealth 2016 in a local store, they offered good payments options so I jumped on it. My only concern was staying with 8GB ram, but still this machine is more powerful than my Macbook. I would like to share some experiences using the Razer Blade Stealth 2016 I got recently.

Random Dump Post 05/10/17

This is a Random “Dump” Post where I share some general thoughts on random things and experiences I’ve had recent. I don’t think the content is enough deserving a whole post for either subject, So I just combined them to one Post.

My Trip To Kiev Ukraine September-October 2017

After a crazy month at work I decided I need a vacation. As I have some expenses for the coming months I looked for cheap destination yet interseting. What came to mind were Eastern european countries. I have Ukranian friends and they always tell me how cheap it is there and I knew that for a fact because people get me Marlboro carton of cigaretts with a riduclous price. That is ofcourse not the only reason I’ve chosen Ukraine. The flights are cheap, flight time is  short (3 Hours from my location) and hotels/apartments prices are also low.